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Discover women's necklaces. Highlight your own style with women's necklaces from Bijou Box. Free shipping from 29€.

Necklaces for Women – The perfect gift at bijoubox.gr

Necklaces for Women – The perfect gift at bijoubox.gr

Necklace is one of the most popular gifts for a woman. Almost every woman is happy with this exciting piece of jewelry. At the website of Bijou Box you can buy quality and affordable women's necklaces in many different shapes and colors. The collection of women's necklaces ranges from delicate steel or silver necklaces in rose gold, to long handmade women's necklaces from gold plated bronze. In the Bijou Box on-line store you can also easily and safely order elegant women's necklaces with pearls or modern women's name necklaces. Our amazing collection of jewelry in women's necklaces is completed with impressive and glamorous necklaces for special occasions.

Necklace Guide

Buy Women’s Necklaces from bijoubox.gr


Whenever you want to buy a necklace for a woman, you will definitely find it at Bijou Box. Highlight your neckline by choosing a necklace from our huge collection and stand out for your style either at your workplace or at your entertainment. Capture all eyes by wearing a long women's necklace in gold or an elegant silver chain. For a romantic dinner you can choose impressive necklaces from Greek designers that will match perfectly with your elegant dress.

Women Necklace

If you are a fan of women's necklaces, it is impossible that you have not already bought a necklace from Bijou Box to include it in your personal jewelry collection. Silver chains for more "rock" outlooks or playful discreet necklaces in rose gold made of stainless steel? Impressive handmade necklaces in gold or more classic women's necklaces decorated with pearls and zircon? You make the choice, we offer it to you… Browse the website of Bijou Box and learn the enchanting world of women's necklaces in a wide variety of colors, materials, shapes and styles. Subsequently you will find all the information you need about the different styles of women's necklaces, how they are made and what to prefer depending on the occasion. You will also learn everything about the materials and types of women's necklaces, as well as gift ideas. Finally, there is a sketch with different indicative necklace lengths to get an idea.




What materials are Women’s Necklaces made of?

Women's necklaces are made of all the materials you can imagine. Starting with simple necklaces made of fabric or leather, up to high quality necklaces made of real gold. In the collection of Bijou Box of women's necklaces, you will find high quality silver chains, as well as stainless steel chains. You can also discover unique handmade women's necklaces by Greek designers.


Silver Women’s Necklaces

One of the most popular materials for making first class necklaces is the silver 925. You can order silver women's necklaces from a wide variety at very affordable prices at Bijou Box. You can also choose from high quality plated silver women's necklaces in gold or rose gold.


Stainless Steel Women’s Necklaces

Stainless steel women's necklaces are especially popular among young women. Thanks to the low price and high durability, women's stainless steel chains are ideal for everyday wear. Buy various delicate steel necklaces and combine them with each other, making an impression with your appearance from morning to night. You can find them in classic designs decorated with a cross, in combination with pearls or evil eyes.


Handmade Women’s Necklaces by Greek Designers

At Bijou Box you can discover very special creations of handmade women's necklaces by Greek designers. Bronze is the material most often used here. The unique design of these dreamy women's necklaces is inspired by Ancient Greece or the Byzantine period. Greek designers create exceptional women's necklaces to bring the spirit of Greece to the whole world. Ancient Greek women's necklaces are often plated and will help you make stunning appearances on special occasions such as weddings and christenings.

Leather Women's Necklaces

Women's necklaces in "boho" or "vintage" style are often made of leather or fabric. The leather cords gently hug your neck due to their soft texture and you can find them in many colors and designs. Women's leather necklaces are suitable for everyday appearances as for a walk to the cinema or for a coffee.

The biggest adnantages of the different materials women’s necklaces are made of

Silver 925
Precious metal of fixed value
Good value for money
Good skin tolerance
Stainless Steel
Good value for money
 Very good plating
High durability
Favorable price

What length of a woman necklace suits me?

When choosing a new necklace, the question of its length quickly arises. Depending on your body type and your clothes, you can choose the right length for your new necklace from our collection. Tall women can easily combine big and long necklaces with their clothes. The shorter ones, but also the younger ones, can choose discreet silver chains or smaller stainless steel women's necklaces. You should also consider the shape of your neckline when buying women's necklaces. The length and size of a women's necklace should match the neckline of your blouse or dress, with which you want to combine it. For example, glamorous necklaces or short chains with small pendants match perfectly with a strapless evening dress, which can be combined with earrings, if necessary. Simple blouses can be highlighted with choker necklace chains or long necklaces. Necklaces with large pendants match perfectly with blouses and dresses with a large neckline. Subsequently you can see an overview of different length of women's necklaces and with this knowledge you can order the necklace of your dreams bijoubox.gr online store.

necklace length
Necklace length 30 – 40 cm: 
Women’s necklaces of this length fit perfectly around the neck, especially if you have a narrow neck. Choker necklaces and thin silver chains usually have this length.

Necklace length 40 – 50 cm: 
Women’s necklaces of this length end in the female sternum. Women’s necklaces with small to medium pendants are usually of this length, as well as silver or steel chains. 

Necklace length 50 – 75 cm: 
Women’s necklaces of this length are usually combined with one or more medium to large pendants. Handmade necklaces, pearl necklaces or leather necklaces above a woolen sweater or a summer shirt are ideally combined.

Necklace length 75 – 100 + cm: 
Women’s necklaces of this length reach below the female breast. Long necklaces can be worn with a simple sweater or T-shirt. These necklaces are ideal for tall women or women with curves. Necklaces and chains of over 100 cm length could be worn as doubles. Necklaces of this length are not recommended for shorter women.

What kind of chains are there?

In women's necklaces with a chain, the chain of course plays an important role in choosing the ideal necklace. In addition to its length, the pendant is combined with and its color, the type of the chain will also determine the uniqueness of your style. Many types of chains, especially thin and discreet ones, can be combined with pendants. However, there are chains that are really attractive only because of their length or width. Browse the Bijou Box website and choose the ideal chain for you.

Buy Women’s Necklaces for a gift

Jewelry has always been a wonderful gift for a woman. Let alone a woman necklace… Women's necklaces with their personal touch transmit to the recipient your appreciation and respect. Choose women's necklaces with a heart made of 925 silver or stainless steel, and make the heart of your loved one beat loudly. Every woman loves jewelry and especially, when it is in an elaborate gift box, then the gift becomes a special experience due to the anticipation at the opening. For Valentine's Day, choose women's necklaces with infinity to express your infinite love for the recipient. For your best girlfriend, choose women's name necklaces made of stainless steel in rose gold or a silver chain with her zodiac sign. Discover beautiful necklaces for your mom made of 925 silver with the word "mom" or choose the ideal one for her through our collection of women's family necklaces. Anyway… one thing is for sure… through the huge collection of Bijou Box of women's necklaces you will find the perfect one for you or for a gift…

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