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Silver or gold? This is probably the most common question we all ask when it comes to buying jewelry. Without a doubt, both materials have timeless value and unsurpassed beauty, giving glamor to any look, everyday or more formal. Now, when it comes to the most popular precious metal, opinions certainly differ. In any case, 925 sterling silver jewelry has a special place in the heart and jewelry collection of every woman (but also man). That is why we have made sure to enrich the collection of silver jewelry of Bijou Box with the most elegant, chic and modern pieces, with different shapes and designs to cover all your needs. From wonderful silver bracelets and amazing necklaces to pendants that magnetize the eye, combined with rings in the same style, our on-line store gives you the opportunity to impress with silver jewelry of incomparable quality and unsurpassed beauty, which will accompany you on every important occasion of your life.

925 Sterling Silver Jewelry online

925 Sterling Silver – What is 925 sterling silver jewelry ?

925 Sterling silver jewelry is jewelry made of 92.5% pure silver and the remaining 7.5% is a mixture of two or more metals from the periodic table (usually zinc, copper or nickel), which give silver the necessary properties that allow it to be "worked" more easily for the manufacture of silver jewelry. Therefore, 925 sterling silver jewelry is, in essence, made entirely of pure silver. 925 sterling silver is used to make various types of silver jewelry such as discreet silver necklaces, silver bracelets and minimalist silver earrings and rings. Silver jewelry is often gold plated in various shades such as yellow gold or rose gold. So if you are interested in gold jewelry, gold plated silver jewelry in yellow gold and rose gold is an economical alternative to gold jewelry. Decorated with zircons, precious stones or natural freshwater pearls, silver jewelry can not be compared to any other jewelry. Silver jewelry is unquestionably charming and timeless and enchant with its special shine and metallic purity. What not to love about silver jewelry? Their timelessness? Their adaptability? That they are included in all fashion trends? How fashionable and at the same time, classic are they according to their design? How do they uniquely fit with your appearance? How durable are they in the passage and "hardness" of time? Silver is one of the most popular materials in the field of jewelry making, mainly because it combines elasticity and durability. It is no coincidence that silver jewelry has been monopolizing the interest of both jewelry makers and buyers for centuries. In fact, the first silver jewelry in Greece dates back to around 3,000 BC! Although pure silver is very soft as a material to be used in jewelry making, a simple admixture with a metallic alloy paves the way for the birth of 925 sterling silver that we all love and seek to have in our jewelry collection! 

Silver Jewelry

Silver Jewelry – Classic pieces with special charm

Silver is a very popular metal in jewelry making, which is not impressive, considering how beautifully and harmoniously it matches with many different colors. Silver jewelry is characterized by impressive flexibility, giving us the opportunity to impress with its elegance and discretion, in relation to the "noise" that is made by their golden “cousins”, which are often associated with luxury and wealth. However, silver jewelry is equally impressive and gives an aristocratic and special note to every woman's appearance, especially if it contains details such as zircons or precious stones. Dare to stand out with your style with statement earrings, luxurious necklaces, beautiful and discreet bangle bracelets or chains made of silver and let the classic value of silver become your ally in appearances that will certainly not be unnoticed.

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Silver jewelry is "wild card" pieces that impress with their elegance and chic appearance, highlighting every look and every stylistic choice. If you are not a fan of gold then the unique silver jewelry are an excellent choice that will make you stand out with their aristocratic finesse. If you are also interested in wearing luxurious and cheap silver jewelry that differs from the usual, then the exclusive collection of Bijou Box will excite you. Here you will find from amazing necklaces and rings to seductive earrings and bracelets made of high quality pure silver as well as a huge variety of designs, to choose the dreamy silver piece that will suit the occasion you need it. Silver jewelry is, without a doubt, an integral part of the jewelry collection of every woman who respects herself and wants to stand out with her unique style, whether it is more everyday and simple or more refined and sophisticated. In this search for the expression of your uniqueness through your jewelry, be sure that the silver jewelry of the Bijou Box collection will not disappoint you.

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