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Solitaire Rings

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So you decided it is time to formalize your relationship and you are looking for a solitaire ring as unique and beautiful as the one of your heart. First of all, congratulations in the beginning of a wonderful life together! Secondly, you are exactly where you need to be! At our Bijou Box online store you will find a wide variety of jewelry, so you can discover the solitaire ring of your girlfriend’s dreams whether it is 925 sterling silver, gold or platinum. Whichever you choose, the sure thing is that the wedding proposal you will make with a solitaire ring from Bijou Box will be unforgettable!

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Unique Solitaire Rings for every taste

More and more couples feel ready to take the next step in their relationship. But before the processes begin that will lead both of them to a special and full of glamor ceremony that will mark the beginning of their common path, let's take a small step back - to the wedding proposal! For you, the determined man that know what you want from your life and why, and you want with all your being to be a lifetime partner with the woman who fills your heart with happiness, at Bijou Box you will find ardent supporters and helpers of your effort. So start by choosing the right solitaire ring. Always with high quality pieces and with a variety of designs, able to satisfy even the most demanding, here you will definitely find the solitaire ring you are looking for - something as special as the woman’s finger will adorn. Before deciding on the design of the solitaire ring you will buy, there are some details that you need to have in mind so that everything goes well. What is the right size? What does she like? Does she prefer square cut or teardrop shape? Platinum, 925 sterling silver or gold? Classic design or something more modern? What will best fit the shape of her finger? Ask us whatever you want! We are here to help you choose the perfect solitaire ring that will fit "like a glove" both to the occasion and to the taste of your chosen beloved one! 

Solitaire Rings

The right Solitaire Ring with the perfect fit!

Is there anything more exciting in a couple than the first step in the life together? It is definitely a decision that marks big changes and a new path in life for both. A new exciting chapter in their lives! With more and more people deciding to share the joys and challenges of life with their partner, the demand for solitaire rings is extremely high. But in order to find the right solitaire ring that will adorn your beloved one's finger on a daily basis and for life, it is essential that you should do your preparation. Notice carefully details such as what material she prefers her jewelry to be from. At which jewelry store does she stop and which pieces attract her interest the most? What size the solitaire ring you will buy should be? At this point, you can ask for the help of a close (but also confidential) friend of your future wife who will tell you exactly what you want to know. Even if she does not know the exact size, she will find it on the next walk with her! And if you have already known the solitaire ring with the design that your beloved one likes (e.g. from a magazine or from a jewelry store window), then all you have to do is to find a solitaire ring with a similar design and from the same material at! There is no greater satisfaction than wearing on the finger of your beloved one, a beautiful solitaire ring that meets all the requirements, even these concerning the right size!

Your Solitaire Ring – As simple, subtle, “noisy” or unusual as you !!!

At Bijou Box we emphasize the design, the quality and the style. Everything must be just perfect, unique and of incomparable beauty. Of course, we have taken care to include jewelry that covers a wide range of tastes. For example, here you will find from solitaire rings with stone (as spectacular or discreet as you wish) to more modern designs (without stone) tastefully decorated with carefully selected elements. Of course, the solitaire ring that you will buy from Bijou Box is not necessarily very expensive, unless you want to spend such an (large) amount of money. With a range of prices that satisfy all wallets and with a fast and user-friendly way of ordering, the solitaire ring of your choice comes to your door in secret, without anyone understands anything! Choose the solitaire ring that will accompany your beloved one for the rest of her life and leave the rest to us!

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