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Discover our exclusive selection of RingsJewelry in many unique and stunning designs. Affordable Rings for your style in highest quality and in the latest designs only at bijoubox.gr


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Rings are a great fashion accessory. They are always visible and give your appearance that special touch. In addition, a ring is just the right piece of jewelry to express your feelings. You will find a large selection of engagement rings or silver rings for women. Discover eternity rings with cubic zirconia made of stainless steel in different colors. Breathtaking handmade women's rings made of bronze complete our range. We are sure you will find the right rings for you.

Everything about women's rings

Rings for every day, for going out or for a special occasion


For whatever purpose you would like to buy a ring. There is always the right ring, for the right situation. They are quick and easy to put on and can be worn with other women's rings.


A finger ring gives you the opportunity to accentuate your style discreetly or to express your extrovert character. We will tell you which styles and ring types are available, which materials are used and when you should wear, which ring on the right finger.


The topics:


What types of rings are there?

You are a unique person and you want that the ring fits you. It should match with your outfit and underline your style. Most importantly, the ring doesn't bother you, when you wear it and you can move your fingers easily. So you can wear it every day. Large rings or statement rings with rhinestones are not always practical, so it is particularly important to choose the right ring size.


A engagement ring, is the ring presented with the marriage proposal. It is a symbol, of the desire, to be united forever. Mostly a classic solitaire ring made of 925 silver or white gold is presented. If you want something more modern, it can also be rose gold-plated or decorated with colored gemstones.


Pearl rings are and always have been, fascinating pieces of jewelry. Whether classic, simple or modern, Rings with pearls are a must have, in every woman's jewelry collection. Pearl rings, set with zirconia stones, give them a special shine when worn.


Extroverts women, often choose large Statement-Rings. These cannot be overlooked and stand out from the crowd due to their special decoration, large and colored rhinestones or their sheer size.


A modern way to decorate your hand is a Chevalier ring for the little finger. They are usually kept simple and are easy to combine with other rings.


What material should my ring be made of?

Silver rings
Stainless steel rings
Bronze rings

Here is a small summary of the benefits:

Silver rings
✓ Very good value for money
✓ Easy to adjust
✓ Allergy      
Stainless steel rings
✓ Very resistant
✓ Reasonable price
✓ Engravable      
Handmade Bronze rings
✓ Solide & sizes adjustable
✓ Very good to gild
✓ Rare designs      


Silver rings

Sterling Silver rings are available in all conceivable design variants. Unique silver rings with fine gold plating of yellow gold or rose gold, can be created from the precious metal. To make every ring something special, you will find attractive silver rings, with sparkling cubic zirconia stones and fine pearls in our women's ring range. Some rings are decorated with delicate gemstones in red and emerald green. Wear it on your index, ring, or little finger and impress your fellow human beings with the outstanding beauty of this little masterpieces. Since they have no beginning or end, timeless silver wedding rings stand for eternal love.

Stainless steel rings

Stainless steel women's rings combine durability and quality with a trendy look. No other jewelry material can keep up in terms of strength. You can find them in high-quality rose gold or yellow gold-plated designs. Set with glittering cubic zirconia stones or colored rhinestones, they are a unique piece of jewelry. Wear them all day, even if you have to use your hands a lot at work. Personalize your stainless steel ring with an engraving of your choice and make it as unique as you are.

Handmade rings

For women who love special designs, handmade rings are a stylish way to show off their extraordinary taste. Each of these rings is unique, reflecting the soul and passion of the respective designer. Show confidently your unique character with a handmade ring made of bronze or real silver 925. You can choose from many silver-plated creations in various processing such as hammered, polished or matt. Discover the high quality gold plating in yellow or rose gold.

Which ring on which finger?

The question often arises which ring should be worn on which finger. For this reason, it is good to know, the meaning of a ring on a particular finger. That varies a lot depending on the country and culture. The size, shape and combination with other rings also play an important role.

The engagement ring, is the ring that is worn from the engagement to the marriage. It is worn on the left hand. Then you can switch it to the right hand, to show the difference to the engagement. Nowadays it is mostly replaced by the wedding ring and no longer worn. However, it is up to you whether you want to wear both rings at the same time. After all, the engagement ring is given for the famous phrase "Do you want to marry me"? There are many memories attached to it, that you would like to carry with you.

Chevalier rings are rings for the little finger. They come in many forms and, as the name suggests, are worn on the little finger. It does not matter whether they are worn on the left or the right hand. A "classic" Chevalier ring looks similar to a signet ring, but is usually smaller. Basically, all rings in a simple design, can be worn on the little finger, provided the ring size is correct.

In our online shop for jewelry you will find Rings in ancient Greek design. These are made by hand in Greece and are inspired by ancient Greece in terms of craftsmanship, material and appearance. The rings, which are made of bronze, are lovingly made, small works of art. You can wear it on all fingers and set a special sign for an extravagant taste.

The history of the signet ring goes back over 4000 years. Until the Middle Ages, they were often worn on the index finger. Today they are put on the ring finger or the little finger. Characteristic of a signet ring, is a flat surface on which a symbol is embedded.

A small hint: Ultimately, it is a matter of taste which finger you want to wear your ring on. The main thing is, that you feel comfortable with him and he doesn't bother you when you wear it. 

Gold-plated rings

As you read earlier, rings can be made of different materials. Most of them can be gold-plated or silver-plated. Rings made of silver, stainless steel or metal alloys are preferably gold-plated in rose gold or yellow gold. Bronze rings are also silver-plated.

Gold-plated rings: A classic for finger rings. During the process of gold plating, rings are covered with a thin layer of real gold. As a result, the noble look and the corrosion-resistant attribute of gold are transferred. 

Rose gold plated rings: Totally trendy and modern. Rings in rose gold-plated have become indispensable today. The noble look of gold and silver combined in a warm color make this gilding so popular.

Silver-plated rings: Easy to wear and very easy to combine with other colors. With a silver-plated ring, you can't go wrong. During the silver plating process, a layer of pure 925 sterling silver is transferred to the ring. In order to protect the silver-plated surface from tarnishing, the ring is additionally plated with platinum.

How do I care for my rings?

Signs of wear can arise from wearing or storing rings. It doesn't matter what material the ring is made of. Over time, matt surfaces can become increasingly shiny or conversely, polished surfaces can look matt. Gemstones and zirconia stones can lose their shine and thus their effect. In order to have fun with your ring for as long as possible, we will introduce you, to a few tips and tricks on how to protect your ring during daily wear. Then we give you a little guide to clean your rings.

5 tips to keep your ring like new

  1. Do not use toothpaste to clean your ring. Granules in the toothpaste only scratch your ring.
  2. Try to avoid contact with salt or rinse water. You should also take off your ring when doing housework.
  3. Your rings should preferably not come into contact with your creams and make-up.
  4. Remove your ring while exercising and sleeping to protect it from sweat
  5. If you don't wear it, keep your ring in your ring box.

The 6 best cleaning tips for your rings

  1. Ring cleaning with mild soap: Put your ring in lukewarm water and add some mild soap. After about 15 minutes, you can rinse your ring in clear water and dry it.
  2. Ring cleaning with baking powder: Mix some baking soda with water and rub the mixture onto your ring with a soft cloth. Leave it on for about 30 minutes and then rinse your ring with clear water.
  3. Ring cleaning with aluminum foil and salt: Line a bowl of aluminum foil. Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in hot water and pour the mixture into the bowl. The salt, combined with the aluminum, pull the dirt out of your ring. As soon as the aluminum foil has absorbed the dirt, take your ring out of the bowl and rinse it off with warm water.
  4. Ring cleaning with chemical cleaners: To clean silver rings with uneven surfaces, you can also put them in a chemical silver bath. There are also special cleaners for gold jewelry. You should wear gloves because silver baths are poisonous. Pour some cleaner into a plastic bowl and put your ring in it for a short time. Take it out of the bowl and rinse it under lukewarm water. When cleaning with chemical cleaners, you should make sure that any gems or pearls that are present can tolerate this.
  5. Ring cleaning with special pastes: This type of cleaning is ideal for cleaning rings with flat surfaces. It can also be used to remove small scratches. Use a soft cloth and rub the paste gently and in a circular motion. Use a soft cloth and rub the paste gently and in a circular motion.
  6. Ring cleaning with microfiber or special silver cleaning cloth: This method is well suited for cleaning rings with smooth or large surfaces. Simply polish your ring with the cloth until it shines again.

The perfect ring size

A very important point if you want to buy a ring, is the ring size. You should feel comfortable when you wear it. Your ring shouldn't hug your finger too tightly. But also your ring should not sit too loosely, so that you do not lose it or it does not twist.

To find out the correct size of your ring, we give you a small guide below to determine your ring size. When you have measured your finger, you can see your ring size in our table. Because there are different systems in the United States and the EU, both are listed there.

What do you need?

A tape measure or a thread.

A pen.   

How do you proceed?   

Step 1: Choose the finger on which you want to wear the ring.

Step 2: Wrap the tape or string around your finger and form a full circle around it.

Step 3: Use the pen to mark the point where the two ends meet.

Step 4: Open the cord or tape measure again and measure the length to the marked point.

Step 5: Find the right ring size in the table below 

 Now you know your diameter in mm.

Choose the larger number if you are between two sizes.

If you have any questions, just write us an email or call us directly.


Your measured circumference in millimetersDiameter in millimetersYour size EUYour size USA
47 mm15,0mm47 or 84
48 mm15,3mm48 or 94,5
49 mm15,6mm49 or 105
50 mm15,9mm50 or 115,5
51 mm16,2mm51 or 125,5
52 mm16,6mm52 or 136
53 mm16,9mm53 or 146,5
54 mm17,2mm54 or 156,5
55 mm17,5mm55 or 167
56 mm17,8mm56 or 177,5
57 mm18,1mm57 or 188
58 mm18,5mm58 or 198,5
59 mm18,8mm59 or 208,5
60 mm19,1mm60 or 219
61 mm19,4mm61 or 229,5
62 mm19,7mm62 or 2310
63 mm20,1mm63 or 2410,5
64 mm20,4mm64 or 2510,5
65 mm20,7mm65 or 2611
66 mm21,0mm66 or 2711,5
67 mm21,3mm67 or 2811,5
68 mm21,6mm68 or 2912
69 mm21,9mm69 or 3012,5
70 mm22,2mm70 or 3113
In our online shop we use EU and US numbers. For example, US number 8 is EU number 58

Checklist for buying a ring

Decide what type of ring you would like to buy. Do you want a ring to wear at work, when you go out or for a special occasion?

Choose the material your ring should be made of. Should it be an Greek designer ring made of bronze, or rather a ring made of sterling silver 925. Or do you prefer an inexpensive stainless steel ring?

Think about whether you want a ring in the color  gold ,  rose gold  or rather in  silver .

Choose which finger your ring should be for. For the little finger, the index finger or classic for the ring finger.

Find your ring size from our table.

Now you know exactly what ring you are looking for. In the filter you can choose from all attributes and materials.

After you have made your choice, you can choose from numerous shipping and payment methods at  BIJOU BOX  and order your ring quickly and securely. Shipping for all orders over € 29.90 is completely free.

Our excellent service team, will answer you quickly and competently, if you have any questions, before or after your purchase.

We hope you enjoy your new ring!


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