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Phaistos Disk Necklace

An ancient archeological find, the Disk of Phaistos, meets the jewelry world

One of the characteristics of the female nature is the effort to stand out in the crowd through the decoration of the body with jewelry. The more special the jewelry that a woman wears, such as an impressive statement necklace, the stronger her presence is in the crowd. The fashion and jewelry industry contributes to this effort by adopting innovative designs and ideas and/or incorporating elements from the past. Recently, a very popular trend in the field of jewelry, and especially in the category of necklaces, is the Phaistos Disk necklace - an archeological find is integrated in necklaces and gives something of the glamor of the past. The Disk of Phaistos is one of the ancient finds of ancient Greek civilization, and especially of the Minoan, found in 1908 in the ruins of the old Minoan palace of Phaistos, in southern Crete. The original Disk of Phaistos is in the Museum of Heraklion and is a clay disk about 15 cm in diameter, on which there is a mysterious spiral inscription with 122 symbols on one side and 119 on the other, many of which represent objects such as human figures, fish, birds, insects, plants, etc. It seems that this inscription was written by typographic elements (stamps) in a clockwise direction that turns towards the center of the disk and is an early printable text. However, the purpose of the construction of the Phaistos Disk remains unknown until today as well as the meaning of what is written on it. Perhaps, this mystery that characterizes the Disk of Phaistos, made women to adopt it quickly as a jewel of their collection, to incorporate it as a decorative element in their necklaces and to love it especially, since it matched the mysterious feminine nature. The Phaistos Disk necklace make the difference among other pendants, combining the mystery that hides its history, with the elegance and the brilliance of the ancient Greek element, exuding corresponding glamor and making the woman who chooses it, to stand out.

Phaistos Disk Necklaces online

Phaistos Disk Necklaces… a special addition to your jewelry collection

Phaistos Disk necklaces are a choice of jewelry for all occasions, seasons, hours of the day… or night. It is a necklace that combines the discreet shine with the timeless grace of the ancient Greek element. Stainless steel necklaces with the Phaistos Disk in various sizes, in rose gold, gold or silver, are worn comfortably either alone or in combination with others, for perfect "layering". Combine Phaistos Disk necklaces of different sizes with each other or with other necklaces of the same shade (silver, gold or rose gold) smaller or larger and impress by doing "layering", wearing even a simple white T-shirt. Choose a Phaistos Disk necklace in silver shade and combine it with a black leather jacket to give a touch of sparkle to your “rock” outlook or wear a Phaistos Disk necklace in gold or rose gold shade with an airy dress for a more romantic outlook. Whatever shade you choose for your necklace, but also in whatever size you choose the Disk of Phaistos to be, one thing is for sure, you will impress everybody with this elegant choice of yours. 

The Disk of Phaistos in a necklace… Find the ideal for you or for a gift at ΒIJOU BOX

Among the jewelry collection of BIJOU BOX, of course, Phaistos Disk necklaces could not be missing. Necklaces made of high quality stainless steel in silver shade with the Phaistos Disk as a pendant, in various sizes, for more “rock” outlooks and maybe more everyday outlooks. Choose a necklace with a Phaistos Disk in gold shade for an evening drink, perhaps decorated with pearls or zircons, and let the mystery that accompanies the history of the Phaistos Disk that decorates it, surround your presence, captivating the eyes around you. If, however, you are undecided and can not decide if you want a necklace with Phaistos Disk in silver or gold shade, do not worry… In the online shop you can find necklaces decorated with Phaistos Disk in combinations of both shades. Also, Phaistos Disk necklaces are an ideal choice for special gifts that stand out. Browse the online shop of BIJOU BOX and look for the Phaistos Disk necklace that you want to give to your beloved girlfriend or wife, and she will love it for its so minimalist charm.Wear one of the most famous archeological finds of ancient Greek culture - the Disk of Phaistos - around your neck and let others talk about this special choice of yours with enthusiasm. Choose a timeless Phaistos Disk necklace and stay in fashion, with a mysterious aura from antiquity. Buy a necklace with the Disk of Phaistos and combine beauty with history in a unique way.

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