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Constantine Coin Necklaces

Constantine Coin Necklaces - Stay …in fashion wearing a special amulet

As it is known, fashion makes circles and many elements of the past return to the forefront from time to time, are adopted by the top jewelry designers and become trends of the time. One of the latest trends of the time is the coming back of the Constantine coin necklace, a pendant that takes us back to our childhood, when our godfather gave us the Constantine coin for good luck and enlightenment, but even earlier to the Byzantine years. Human has always been accustomed to seeking good luck in amulets, which is why his relationship with them has been and will always remain very strong. The Constantine coin necklace, being one of the most popular amulets of our religious tradition, returned to the field of jewelry to steal the show as it seems to have become a strong trend of the time. The women immediately loved its renewed form and adopted it in every appearance, wearing it alone or in combination with other necklaces, making impression. Wear a Constantine coin necklace made of stainless steel or 925 sterling silver in the color of gold, rose gold or silver either as an amulet for protection and luck or because you just want to keep up with fashion trends and give style and elegance to your every outlook. Constantine coin necklaces today, have changed from their original form to adapt to the desires of the modern woman. However, always maintaining their folklore mood, Constantine coin necklaces can now be found in various sizes and shapes, made of stainless steel , 925 sterling silver or gold, and even decorated with pearls or crystals. Elements of the past that have been renewed and have become current trends in the field of fashion and jewelry. Today's Constantine coin necklaces are timeless as they combine fashion with tradition, the present with the past, and are loved a lot by women, who have included them in their daily and not only, stylistic choices.

Constantine Coin Necklace online

What is the history behind the Constantine Coin Necklace?

Constantine coin carries long history and its symbolism is of great importance for our religious tradition. The existence of Constantine coin dates back to the years of Byzantium and is associated with the name of Constantine the Great, since the first and authentic Constantine coins depicted him with his mother and in the center of them, was depicted the Holy Cross. According to our religion, Saint Helen, the mother of Constantine the Great, when she found the Holy Cross in Jerusalem, cut it in half, in order to leave the half in Jerusalem and the rest to take with her back to Constantinople. It is reported that the gold sawdust that fell to the ground during the division of the Holy Cross was collected by a goldsmith who mixed it with other precious metals and from their mixing was minted the first Imperial coin, the Constantine coin. For this reason, the original shape of Constantine coin refers to a gold coin of that time. Over the years, due to religious beliefs, the faithful began to consider Constantine coin as a valuable religious symbol and use it as an amulet for protection and good fortune. It is no coincidence that Constantine coin had been the protagonist in the baby's baptism before the Baptismal Cross appeared. The godfather gave the newly enlightened baby the Constantine coin to offer him protection, enlightenment and luck in his life.

Wear Constantine Coin Necklace in the best way

In recent years, Constantine Coin Necklace has returned dynamically to the field of jewelry. We see it all around us and despite its minimalist form it gives enough charm to the female neck to magnetize the eyes. Constantine Coin Necklace can be worn either alone or in combination with others. "Layering" in relation to one or more Constantine Coin Necklaces in the classic gold color and combine them with pendants in various sizes and shapes, worn in simple or more elaborate chains of different lengths and styles, highlighting your outlook to the fullest. Wear many Constantine Coin Necklaces over a monochrome turtleneck or why not, even over a simple T-shirt and give a chic note to your outfit. Show off your taste by choosing a Constantine Coin Necklace in 925 sterling silver and make impression by wearing a symbol jewelry, an amulet jewelry.

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At BIJOU BOX, through the wide variety of our collection of Constantine Coin Necklaces, you can find the ideal one for you. The one that represents you best and fits your style best. Constantine Coin necklaces made of stainless steel in gold or rose gold in a wide variety of designs. Constantine Coin necklaces made of high quality sterling silver, minimal or decorated with pearls and crystals. Round Constantine Coin necklaces or in many other shapes and different sizes. One thing is for sure…. Whether as an amulet or as a fashionable piece of jewelry of the time, the Constantine Coin Necklace is dynamically back and can not be missed from any woman's jewelry collection. Look for the ideal Constantine Coin necklace for you in the online shop and combine in a single piece of jewelry fashion with history and modernity with tradition….

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