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Definitely there is no woman that does not have a collection of different pieces of jewelry including pieces that she either bought herself or took as a gift. But have you ever wondered what are these pieces of jewelry that usually stand out when you look into your jewelry box? It is true that most of times this privilege is possessed by jewelry that makes you feel unique, stand out and win the impressions in the crowd because of its special style and almost always, this jewelry is… handmade !!! Handmade is always different from anything else. It has its own charm and special value. That is why handmade jewelry is unique and gives you timeless beauty whenever you wear it. Handmade jewelry has the power to transform your daily appearance and give to it a more personal character… something from your personal unique style and taste. Handmade jewelry is ideal for any occasion and any stylistic choice, giving the charm you are looking for and it suits you. The protagonists, usually, of the handmade jewelry are the impressive necklaces and especially, the statement necklaces. The original and impressive designs of their imaginative creators, as well as their high quality materials, have won the impressions and respect in the fashion world and have been established for years as a trend that will never be out of fashion…. the opposite in fact. The value of handmade jewelry grows as time goes by and makes it invaluable.

Handmade Jewelry online

5 Reasons to prefer handmade jewelry

Handmade jewelry may be considered expensive by a lot of people compared to mass-produced jewelry. However, the real value of handmade jewelry is deeper and therefore, invaluable. Handmade jewelry is what it says and the word, it is jewelry that is made exclusively with hand tools, in the absence of any kind of electric machine. This feature makes it unique, gives to it this particularity and indirectly connects you who wear it with its creator. Each handmade piece of jewelry hides its own story and incorporates something from the soul of the artist who made it. So let's take a look at some of the advantages of handmade jewelry over this of "mass" production: 

 1. You support its creators

By buying handmade jewelry you know that your money goes to the creators of this jewelry, giving them the opportunity to continue their work. You support their passion, their art. You encourage them to continue to be inspired and to do what they love more than anything else. In contrast to the purchase of branded jewelry, which as a rule, the amount of money you will give, mainly, concerns the jewelry brand and not the jewelry itself. 

 2. Each handmade piece of jewelry hides its own story

In every handmade piece of jewelry the creator puts something of his soul. A lot of personal effort, but also a lot of love. Love for his art. Each of his creations has its own story, the reason why the artist inspired his design and when you choose to wear a handmade piece of jewelry you become part of this story. You are indirectly connected with its creator and send the message that he wanted to send through the design of the handmade jewelry you wear. Wearing handmade jewelry honors its designer, his time, effort and dedication and automatically, something connects you with him, even if you have never met him.

 3. Exclusively made by hand

Handmade jewelry is made exclusively with hand tools and mass production machines are not involved at all. The time and effort each artist dedicates to create each handmade piece of jewelry is incomparable to a mass production machine. The artist is dedicated and devoted exclusively to his creation. He gives all his love to his creation and he is expressed through it. This also explains the difference in cost between them. Also, due to the fact the creator is focused on the details when he makes each piece of jewelry separately, the possibility of finding a defect in a handmade piece of jewelry compared to a factory one is minimized.

 4. Uniqueness

Handmade jewelry is unique. Since handmade jewelry is not made by machine, but each piece is made separately by the hands of designers, one understands that even two same pieces that will be reproduced by the designer himself are unlikely to be exactly identical. There will definitely be differences between them, and that is exactly what makes them unique. Also, when you wear a handmade piece of jewelry you feel that you have the exclusivity to have a special piece in your collection, from the limited number of pieces that the designer decided to produce. The uniqueness and exclusivity of handmade jewelry, give it this invaluable value that brings it first in the choice of women over time. 

 5. Made of high quality materials

Handmade jewelry is made of exceptional quality materials since its creators want to ensure its greatest durability over time. They choose, therefore, the best possible materials since they do not want their creations to be tarnished or damaged in a short time. Durable handmade jewelry made of stainless steel, silver plated, bronze, but also from a variety of high quality materials are waiting for you to discover.


Handmade Jewelry… the best choice for a gift

Handmade jewelry is an ideal choice if you are looking for a very special gift for a loved one. It shows the thought and the time you spent to seek it, giving it great emotional value. And since handmade jewelry has a special value itself since it carries all the love of its creator, it also shows the special value that he or she, to whom you will give it, has for you. Handmade jewelry… unique and never identical. Its choice as a gift reflects the uniqueness of the recipient and will always be a special choice that goes beyond the ordinary. Give your loved one a unique handmade piece of jewelry that no one else will have !!!


Buy Handmade Jewelry at Bijou Box… small masterpieces

Handmade jewelry has undoubtedly special aesthetic. As unique as you. Discover at Bijou Box your own unique handmade jewelry that you will add to your collection, impress with your appearances and let others talk about your jewelry choices that have their personal character. Leave to others the standard jewelry that is worn by everybody, in almost identical designs and without any originality, and give "character" to your style by choosing handmade, rare and unique jewelry from Bijou Box. Make the difference today. Even if it seems a little expensive, each handmade piece of jewelry is unique, made by hand, with a lot of love and care from its creator, and this gives to it a special value… invaluable !!!


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