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Hoop earrings are one of the most timeless pieces of any self-respecting jewelry collection! It is not only that they impress with their original and at the same time, simple design. They are also amazing "wild card" accessories that can literally, get you out of the difficult position, whenever you want to stand out and you do not know what to match with your outfit. Since you are here (and we do not believe in concidences!), a simple tour of our online shop will reveal to you exactly why hoop earrings have a prominent place at Bijou Box. Through a very large collection of jewelry and accessories, here you will definitely find  the hoop earrings that will become for you "love at first sight"! We welcome you to a collection where hoop earrings are honored - hoop earrings decorated with glittering zircons, hoop earrings with beautiful hanging ornaments, hoop earrings with a playful mood, elegant and discreet hoop earrings ... and the list definitely does not end here! Allow yourself to be seduced by the uniqueness of this particular accessory and get inspired through a variety of pieces that have been chosen in order to fit your every outlook, giving the character that you will choose and satisfying your every stylistic requirement. At the same time, hoop earrings contribute to the expression of the unique style of each woman in a really special and incomparably charming way. Whether you are a lover of gold, in a classic and aristocratic yellow shade or in a modern and romantic rose gold shade, or a lover of silver or even, of the most economical steel, your next hoop earrings are here. You can also choose the hoop earrings that you will add to your collection to be decorated with semi-precious stones. The choice is purely yours. What is our suggestion? Gold-plated hoops to combine them incredibly with a bright and elegant outlook or silver hoop earrings that go with you comfortably from the morning at the office to the afternoon coffee and relaxing drink, later in the evening. Do you want something more special? How about hoop earrings with geometric shapes and gemstones or why not mismatched pairs of hoop earrings for a more asymmetrical look? Do you prefer jewelry in ancient Greek style? No problem. The hoop earrings at Bijou Box have designs inspired by the glamor of ancient Greece and beyond. All hoop earrings are designed and handmade by famous Greek manufacturers and jewelry designers!

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Hoop Earrings at best prices

Hoop earrings are the type of earrings with a circular design (as their name suggests) that are closed with a clip clasp. More rarely, hoop earrings are closed with a "butterfly" type clasp. Unlike other types of earrings, hoop earrings must have a clasp that ensures that they will remain in place and will not be lost with a movement. This is because hoop earrings are usually heavier and larger earrings than their simple "stud" cousins, so they are more prone to getting lost. At Bijou Box you can choose hoop earrings in all sizes, colors, styles and materials. Choose the style, the material and the size for your next hoop earrings and simply, use our platform filters to make your search very easy. Find the hoop earrings that suit you and order them online from our bijoubox.gr online shop.

Hoop Earrings

Affordable Hoop Earrings made of stainless steel and 925 sterling silver

Stainless Steel is a favorite material of many women and men when choosing accessories, mainly due to its durability and affordable price. It is also the least allergic-related material, especially when earrings are made without the addition of nickel. Then, it does not impress us that steel hoop earrings are one of the most recherche pieces in our collection. Whether with a glossy finish or a matte finish, stainless steel hoop earrings are never out of style. Having taken their place in the pantheon of timeless, classic accessories, stainless steel hoop earrings captivate with their beauty that does not fade out no matter how much time passes. For even more durability and resistance to problems such as tanishing we recommend stainless steel hoop earrings you will choose to be plated with a chemical element called rhodium which will give this additional element to your earrings, allowing you to enjoy them for many years without worrying about anything, apart from how often you want to wear them! And if you are again a fan of rose gold or yellow gold, at Bijou Box there are affordable stainless steel hoop earrings with the desired plating. We also give special importance to our extensive collection of 925 sterling silver hoop earrings. Like their stainless steel “siblings”, you can find them in different designs, sizes and colors. The 925 sterling silver hoop earrings are very elegant and delicate and, thanks to their material, are a good gift idea - Discover now your new pair of hoop earrings at bijoubox.gr.

Hoop Earrings – Small and big Designs

Every woman is required to have at least one pair of hoop earrings in her jewelry collection. Whether it is the only piece that will monopolize all eyes and interest on it or a more discreet accessory that will complete her appearance in a unique way, hoop earrings have the power to transform an outlook and take off the style of a dress. The biggest difference among hoop earrings is usually the size. Small hoop earrings are very easy to wear at work and all day. Big and impressive hoop earrings are a little more modern and are ideal for your outfit for an evening drink. If you feel that you are more yourself with simple accessories that do not make much "noise", then choose small and everyday hoop earrings. Depending on your mood, your personality and your style, hoop earrings at Bijou Box will help you express exactly what you want through your stylistic choices with a variety of colors, designs, diameters, sizes and materials! Dare to stand out with an interesting mix of colors that in recent years will be the latest fashion trend and remember that your hoop earrings can be small, big, discreet, impressive, classic, modern, even plated with rose gold or yellow gold or decorated with zircons to suit your requirements. There is no doubt. Hoop earrings have their own meeting place and is called Bijou Box.

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