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We cooperate with the major Greek online shop certification provider - TRUSTMARK -. In order to receive the Trustmark seal of approval, we have subjected ourselves to a comprehensive examination.

The Trustmark seal of approval is issued by GRECA (Greek eCommerce Association) and serves a dual purpose.

Firstly, it certifies e-shops according to European legislation and the code of ethics of e-commerce as established by the Greek E-Commerce Association.

Second, it is an assurance and guarantee to consumers who visit the certified online store that it is fully in compliance with laws, best practices and the code of ethics. has been subjected to a thorough certification and security check by Trustmark. This test, with more than 122 individual criteria, is based on the requirements of consumer protection as well as national and European legislation. Includes, among other things, security and reliability, the processing of an order, the operation - the navigation in the online shop, the quality of information and social networks, the aesthetics of the online shop, general terms of use and service conditions, return policy, security of the payment process and personal protection Data.

These requirements are constantly evolving and adapted to the latest developments in the field of jurisdiction and consumer protection. The seal of approval confirms that, as a member of Trustmark, we offer you essential security when shopping in our online shop!

Offical member of the Greek eCommerce Association

Bijou Box is a offical member of the Greek E-Commerce Association (GRECA). GRECA is the voice of Greek companies active on the Internet.

GRECA itself is the national sub-organization of Ecommerce Europe. Ecommerce Europe is represented in 23 European countries through its sub-organizations and represents well over 100,000 European ecommerce companies.

Companies and members of GRECA are immediately informed about the latest developments and specifications in the field of ecommerce. They receive statistics, information, and data to help them make instant decisions in accordance with the law. GRECA member companies undertake to adhere to the code of ethics. The Code of Ethics defines the general principles and rules that companies must comply with towards consumers.

GRECA members enjoy the best training on the latest procedures, legislation and trends in e-business. In this way, they ensure the good relationship between their members and the consumer and thus help to increase consumer confidence in e-commerce.

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